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    Currently it's not but it is definitely on our roadmap.

    Along that same line, you can read more about the latest SSL developments on at

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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    Thanks for the reply kardotim

    It was 'reset the net' that got me thinking about SSL Certs.

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    Hi I am having a real problem. I had a really busy site, up to 10,000 hits a day, with thousands of visitors, but I had to close my site temporarily.

    I have reopened but am not showing on google, this was to be expected as links were not there.

    The problem that I am having is when I put into the search a specific title of a post, it brings up a page from Google, saying that my site is not safe as its name is not the name of the page ( - instead it is wordpress.

    This is a REAL problem and is really affecting my traffic. Here is an example

    Please please can someone help me. I cant see how I can continue to use I am paying for my own URL but this is pointless if Google is listing my site as unsafe before people click on it. Please can someone help me.

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    Technical details (from the warning message) uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: *, (Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

    See here please so you comprehend whet the SSL (https) issue is about.

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    This doesn't give me information about what the problem is about, or how it has been resolved?

    This is a serious problem, as people wont access my site, because of the warning message saying that my site is unsafe. If people dont access my site, I dont have traffic, wordads wont pay which is also a loss for wordpress who make money from my advertising?

    Is there anywhere that I can go, or anyone I can speak to, so that someone can tell me, why this is happening and what (if anything) wordpress are going to do about it. I am reliant on traffic from google for my site, currently only people who were already signed up to my blog are visiting. This warning also comes up when people try to access from facebook.

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    This is an example of what the page looks like when someone clicks on a google link from my page.

    If you click on advanced it tells you that the problem is because my url is (that I pay for) - when really the site is, blogs where I haven't paid for URL do not have this problem.

    As far as I am aware this is recent, this wasn't a problem before.

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    The issues is that the links are https and not http links. Your blog not unique and this issue impacts all blogs on their own domains hosted by WordPress.COM. Read more here

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    Is there anything that can be done about this? (it wasn't like this before) - or do I need to change my site to (i tried that before but hated it, as am not IT management proficient.

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    Both threads you posted into (please post only into one in the future) have been tagged for Staff assistance.

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    I would have.... but you pointed to the other post? So I put my link, as the happiness engineer asked for it, to see what it looked like.

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    Do you mean this error?

    Your Connection is not private

    That's because you're linking to your site via HTTPS, and we do not yet have a way to provide SSL certificates to mapped domains (we are working on that).

    Instead, try

    With regards to "wordads wont pay," that's because you shut off your ads via Settings -> WordAds in your blog's Dashboard way back in July and your account balance is well below the current minimum payout amount.

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    Hi Mac,

    I wish it were that straightforward. You see it goes to https - directly as a direct link and brings that up (if that makes sense)

    It hasn't done that for a while. I know about wordads as I closed my site for a while. Currently its switched off as the advertising was inappropriate for the site, and the traffic is not really worth it as I had closed for a while.

    Am unsure how to explain it - perhaps if you typed into google 'how the sociopath uses flowery language to manipulate and control you' you will see what I mean, and how it goes to this link. I am not putting in that link and it didn't do this before. It is seriously affecting my traffic.

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    If it is doing this for all .com addresses I would think that this would be a considerable financial loss from revenue for wordpress. (my site is for victims who have been abused by sociopaths so a warning saying that the site is unsafe and could extract personal details etc - is not good at all).

    I am unsure if this is a new thing for google,(it wasn't there or a problem previously as I often typed what I wanted into google and found my posts no problem) and if it means that I will need to move from to - I hope not as I tried that before but didn't like self hosting, using has worked well for me.

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    1. Does clicking right here and now redirect to HTTPS for you?

    2. Are you using a browser extension called HTTPS Everywhere?

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    Thanks "timethief" for the attempt, and the follow! I think I may have missed out on some followers. Hope WP can fix this.

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    I followed and unfollowed without any issue. Will you please provide a couple of usernames for those bloggers who did not receive the emails, as well as, a couple of email addresses for those who do not have accounts? The software will redact ie. HIDE the email addresses so only Staff can see them.

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    They were both email accounts. I can't find the one right now. The other is my daughter at [email redacted]
    Thanks for your help. I do have one email follower, and so not sure why Tara got the message about the website certificate.

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    Hi Cleo!

    I just tried the email subscription in Chrome, and it seemed to work correctly. It looks like your daughter's subscription is currently pending meaning they haven't clicked the confirmation link sent to their email address. Can you let me know if they received the email?

    I think the following may have happened:

    1. She enters the email address and clicks subscribe

    2. Some error occurred loading the confirmation page, which resulted in that error she saw

    3. The confirmation email was actually sent but since she received the error, perhaps she didn't think it went through

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    When I click on a photo in a post I just published, it goes to a page that says mismatched address- certificate error. Please advise on what can be done.

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